Saturday, April 25, 2009


i friends,

Today we are going to try our hands on that incredible Modeling Technique in 3ds Max, “The Box Modeling” we’ll be creating a simple SUV model from a Box

Before that I assume that you are having that basic idea in Max.

  • We’ll start our things by placing a box in the viewport with these dimensions 90,50,50 and for the segments, we’ll go for 6,6,6

  • After that we’ll convert our Box into an Editable Polygon(Right click>convert to>Editable poly)

  • Then select the polygon sublevel and select the Polygons shown in the picture, we are going to make the front area of our SUV

  • We will use the Extrude Option and use the default value for Extruding the selected polygons thrice for the Bonnet.

  • Select the Vertex sub level and adjust the vertices in all viewports for getting the shape shown in the picture.

  • Now select the Polygons shown in the picture for creating the front glass and then inset them with a small value, I used 1.0

  • For the same Polygons we are going to apply a Bevel with both height and inset are -.5

  • Use the same method for window glasses also.

  • Select the polygons shown in the picture for creating a bumper and Extrude them using “local normal” to 1.5 units

Now is the time for Creating wheel arches, back dickey. We will use the Boolean Compound Object here. For that we will create 4 cylinders for wheel arches and a box modified using Editable Polygon method, as the dickey which I shown in the picture.

  • For Boolean we will use a trick. We will attach four cylinders and the dickey object together from “Edit Geometry>attach” because after this Max will consider it as a single object and we can use the Boolean operation only once

  • I used some Tubes and splines to modify the SUV like this..its upto to you.

  • Its almost finished, we are going to make a Tyre. From a Chamfer Cylinder and an Extruded NGon, we can make it very easily like this

  • Now for the front grill. First we will create new edges in the front using Connect option.

  • And then Extrude the Edges with a small value like in the pic