Wednesday, November 12, 2008


3D Mashup Tool Mixes Your Pictures with 3D Models, Introducing 3Dcollage

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Here is an application of our 3D technology that we have had almost too much fun putting together. Welcome 3Dcollage, our new picture application for Facebook that will let you overlay 3D models from on your favorite pictures to create new “3D mashups”. These new mashups can be published to your profile or, even better, sent to your friends Facebook profiles.

Why would you want to do this?…Not only is 3Dcollage is a great way to dress up your Facebook profile, but it allows you to create stunning new images in a way not currently possible. You can position and re-position 3D models over 2D images in a natural way, making use of 3D effects such as lighting, sizing, and rotation to create your own Facebook works of art.

Check out these 2 pictures as a very simple demonstration of what you can do with the same model over a picture. Models in 3Dcollage can be easily placed, spun and positioned in anyway that you want.

Now I am not making any political statements, but I found an interesting demonstration of the 3Dcollage idea on the campaign ‘08 group on Facebook using a Barack Obama model found on

Interested in trying it for yourself? It’s easy to do…first, login in to your Facebook account (Facebook accounts are free) and then in 3Dcollage,

1. Upload your picture - or search for one on Flickr
2. Import a 3D model from the library
3. Position it any way you like on your picture
4. Click the camera icon to publish it to your profile or send it to your friends
5. Rinse & Repeat.

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