Friday, January 16, 2009

Modeling Cartoon Character

Create two boxes with the same size as the images with a width of 0.

4.Create a box in front view, segments 2-2-2:

5.Extrude the one side 4 times:

6.Begin to create the shape of the foot in the side view

Weld 2 by 2 the vertex showed with weld target tool:

7.Extrude the polygones to create the beginning of the leg.
Make invisibles all the edges on top to make easy the extrusion of the leg.
Make a rotation in Z to the foot to give it its final position.
Adjust the vertex to have the right shape of the foot.
Round the beginning of the leg by moving vertex the top view, select these polygons
Apply a slice modifier.
Move the section plan in the right direction
apply an editable mesh
To select the other part apply a slice again and again a editable mesh

9.Select the new edges and apply a chamfer to double it
Select the created poly and apply a mesh smooth group 2.

10.Extrude it in negative 2 times in local mode.
Apply a uniform scale to resize it right

11.Extrude to create the legand adjust first in front view than in side view. Pay attention to round correctly the leg.

12.Extrude multiple times to create the knees than extrude to create the upper leg

So you must have this shape.

13.Extrude to the up and next to the right.
delete the polygons in the symetry axe.
to check if the vertex are rightly aligned to the symetry axe select them and make a non uniform scale of 0 in x axe:

14.Make an instance copy to see all the body.

15.Adjust the back vertex to crete the bottom back and check that there are only 4 edges polygons
if it is needed weld the vertex make invisible the edges badly placed

15.Add the edge as this to define the bottom front

16.Continue the extrudion of the body:

17.To prepare the extrudion of the arm, make a chamfer in a vertex on side view:

18.Add these two edges to improve the geometry:

19.Extrude in face view a first time,

20.A second time : make a rotate on the polygons

21.Begin the extrusion of the arm:

22.Continue the extrusion by going a little bit back:

23.For the bend, do multiple little extrude:

24.Extrude last part of the arm in front.
end with multiple extrusion for the wrist.

24.To make the chest : weld with weld target the 2 vertex here:

25.Add with cut edge a series of edges:

26.Make these two edges invisible:

27.Create the breast by moving this vertex to the front:

28.Add these series of edges:

29.Create these edges with cut edges:

30.Adjust these vertex in side view:

31.Add these two series of edges:

32.Improve the geometry to have only polygons with 4 edges:

32.To mark the breast ,create these series of edges:

33.Mark the other part with these series of edges:

34.Select the vertex in the symetry axe and make a non uniform scale of 0 in the X axe(to align teh vertex):

35.Make a copy in symetry and weld the central points:

The body is almost finished:

36.Make a chamfer with the vertex in top of the bottom back
Than add these edges with cut to remove the polygons with 5 edges:

37.Extrude multiple times to create the tail:

38.End with a series of bevel and end by weld the vertex at the end:

So we obtain the body:

.Begin with a box:

2.With chamfer, double the edges of one side:

3.In the top view track the vertex to the rearand weld them on two sides with weld target:

4.Extrude 4 times to create the fingers:

5.Begin to give the shape to the base of the hand, prepared the extrusion of the inch:

6.Extrude the inch:

7.Select the polygons as this and make a slice plane. Place the section plan
in the right direction and click slice. Deactivate slice plane(It is as the slice modifier)
Do this for all fingers:

8.Add these series of edges on top of the hand:

9.In the bottom begin by make invisible these edges:

10.Cut these edges:

11.With cut add these series of edges:

12.On the other side add these series of edges:

13.Rounded the fingers by selecting the vertex and scale non uniformein the Z axe:

14.In the side view, select the vertex and rotate them to make the fingers more rounded:

15.Adjust the length of the fingers.
Rotate a little bit in z (the fingers are not rightly aligned to the hand)

16.Select all the edges of the articulations (in version 5 and upper use the loop tool): the top view an in the bottom view adjust the vertex as this:

18.Chamfer the center edge:

19.Extrude the polygones 2 times with each times a scale uniform:

20.With cut edge, add these edges to the end of the fingers and weld the vertex in the center:

21.Pull the edges like this:

22.make invisible the edge in the ceneter and visible these 2 edges:

23.End by adjusting the shape of the hand. Extrude 1 time to create the wrist:

24.Place it right and attach it with the body (see the body part)
weld the vertex 2 by 2
if the number of vertex are different add the missing vertex by using the cut edge.

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